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Advent Candles

Leading up to Christmas

Sets of Advent Candles of various sizes are suitable for schools, churches and private homes, and can be decorated with wax ornaments as required.

A set consists of four candles, one for each Sunday leading up to Christmas. Extra candles may be added.

Colours may be dark purple only or one candle in pink, or an attractive red. We can also provide green candles for ordinary time.
Please place your order as soon as possible to ensure delivery on time. First Advent Sunday in 2018 is December 2. Limited numbers are available ex stock, so give us a call now!

Advent Candle Set 330x20mm
Advent Candle Set 150x65mm & 200x65mm
Advent Candle Set 250x45mm
Advent Candle Set 250x50mm
Advent Candle Set 250x65mm & 300x65mm
Christ Candle 250x65mm
Carol and Vigil Candles
Bobeche (Wax Drip Catcher)
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