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Touch ups and additions

From time to time we are asked to restore candles which have been neglected or incorrectly stored, to touch up or refresh some wax decorations or work on a broken candle.

We are happy to consider any of these jobs, however, some situations may be technically beyond repair. A candle may have become seriously mis-shapen or bent because of incorrect storage or display at high temperatures, near a window or heat source. In this case, a plain candle can be straightened, a highly decorated one may not without the risk of losing some decorative details.

In the first instance, contact us by email or phone with a description of the problem. We may then ask you to send photos of the candle (best as .jpg attachments to your email reply). We will evaluate and provide you with an opinion and cost estimate.

We are frequently asked to add wax decorations and lettering to existing candles, which have been used during ceremonies and hold special memories. This is usually possible using letters and numbers in gold or silver wax. Once a candle has been lit, it is almost impossible to add printed ornamentation.

We will always try to assist and please do not hesitate to contact us with any requests. As candle materials and qualities vary greatly, we cannot provide a long-term guarantee for the finished product as we do for our own candles. Candles made from pure soy or plant waxes, for example, are not suitable for long-term storage and are generally not recommended for celebration candles intended to be kept for many years.

It is important to note that working with candles provided by the client is often more time consuming than using candles from our own range, which may reflect in the final charge.

Broken Paschal Candle
Removal of mould & restoration of Wedding Candle
Wedding Anniversary Candle
Existing Candle 'Aidan'
Existing Candle 'Sebastian Petar'
Existing Candle 'Madeleine'
Existing Candle 'Renee'
Existing Candle 'Oliver Stuart'
Existing Candle 'Nathaniel'
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