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Photo Candles
'Countdown to Christmas' Candle 350x45mm
75th Anniversary Funeral Directors' Association of NZ
'Thank you' to the Chairperson
Christmas Wishes 'Action Coach'
Diwali Candle 200x70mm
Diwali Gift Candle 100x50mm
Bic Runga's 'Acoustic Church Tour'
Wax column and large candle bowl for Funeral Home
Innovative Invitations
In memory and support of Christchurch
BOT Christmas Gifts - obelisk candles 350x60x60mm
Logo Candles - Quatro Cafe
Logo Candles - Incentive Dinner
Logo Candles - Yoga Sanctuary
Logo Candle - Auckland City
Message Candles
Candlelight Service with Maritime Theme
Gift candles for members of 'AK Barok'
Celebration Studio Candles
Place Card Favours 100x50mm
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