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Forever in our Hearts

Candles are a beautiful and appropriate sign of the continued beauty and meaning of someone's life. Lighting a candle provides comfort, warmth and hope, and often helps with the grieving process.

Commemorate your loved one's passing or anniversary with a personalised memorial candle of your choice. A thoughtful gift for a friend or family member.

NOTE: A Remembrance Candle creates a presence and symbolic connection on your WEDDING DAY. A selection of candles particularly suited for weddings are listed under 'Weddings >Memorial'.

A small number of our popular Rose Bowls are shown below. Further BOWLS & LANTERNS are listed under the category 'Table and Room Decoration' at left.

We will endeavour to accommodate your requests if reasonable time is available, which, as we appreciate, is not always possible.

Personalised candles also make a thoughtful and treasured gift for the bereaved after the funeral.

We would like to encourage families of terminally ill and long-term suffering relatives to spend some quiet time, maybe with the person, and consider a favourite verse or poem for a candle that can be prepared in advance.

A selection of non-personalised candles is available for FUNERAL DIRECTORS, CELEBRANTS, HOSPICES and others working in the area of bereavement to keep as available resources for their client families.


We received the following note some two years after the passing of Margaret (see candle with cream roses below):

"This is a special testimonial for Candles by Design because it tells of the wonderful gift a candle continues to offer years after it was created. We lit Margaret's candle for the first time as we said goodbye to her at her funeral. We lit it again at our first Christmas without her in body and remembered how she is still with us in spirit. Then at her first anniversary, her birthday and whenever we feel we want to because it brings us peace and comfort. Thank you Brigitte for your deep understanding, thoughtfulness and generosity in your gift to our family and the years of ongoing comfort it brings."

Wedding Remembrance 'Dawn Elaine' 200x70mm
Remembrance Candle with photo 'Pua' 300x75mm
Remembrance Candle 'Forever in our Hearts' 200x70mm
Remembrance Candle 'Daphne' 250x95mm
Remembrance Candle 'Manaia' 300x65mm
Remembrance Candle 'Henk' 250x65mm
Remembrance Candle 'Teddy' Cross 130x60mm
Remembrance Candle 'Teddy' Tiny Feet 130x60mm
Memorial Candle 'Roy' 250x65mm
Remembrance Candle 'Kyana' 250x65mm
Anniversary Candle 'Bob' 250x65mm
Wedding Remembrance Candle 'Jon' 200x95mm
Remembrance Candle 'Gold Angel' 300x65mm
Memorial Candle 'John Allan' 250x65mm
Memorial Candle 'Werner' 300x75mm
Remembrance Candle 'Noldy' with lavender 250x65mm
Funeral Candle 'Darin', yellow roses & heart wreath 300x65mm
Memorial Candle 'John' with photo & white bouquet 300x75mm
Funeral/Memorial Candle 'Margaret' 250x65mm
Wedding & Remembrance 200x75mm 'Beth & Ron'
Wedding & Remembrance 200x95mm 'Mel & Brendon'
In memory and support of Christchurch
Anzac Day Candles
Remembrance Candle 'Ben' with doves & heart 250x65mm
Remembrance Candle 'Roses'
First Anniversary 'Daz'
Sympathy Candle 'Jeanette'
Funeral or Memorial Candle 'Mother'
Funeral/Memorial 'Capt Pat'
Cameron's Candle
First Anniversary 'Amy Caitlin'
Condolence Candle 'Hailey'
Funeral/Memorial 'Garland of Ivy'
Funeral or Memorial 'Bob'
Remembrance Candle 'Forever in our Hearts'
Memorial Candle 'Yasmin'
Funeral/Memorial Candle 'Cross & Dove'
Memorial Candle 'Peter' 200x70mm
Funeral/Memorial Candle 'Poem'
Candlelight Service with Maritime Theme
Bereavement Candle 'Ken'
'Remembering Absent Friends'
Monika's Candle
Funeral/Memorial 'Rolly'
Remembering 'Mum and Cam'
Memorial Candle 'Stephen'
Remembrance Candle 'Asi'
Memorial Candle 'Stella'
Continuing the tradition ...
In loving memory of 'Graham'
Simply an Angel - 200x65mm
In memory of 'Vivian'
In memory of little 'Gus'
Simply an Angel - 250x65mm with text
Remembrance Candle Bowl 'Sebastian'
Centrepiece Roses in white, black & gold
Remembrance Candle Bowl 'Garland'
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